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Player Rights: Get a Free Rise of Kingdoms Passport

In my opinion, the Passport Page in Rise of Kingdoms is the most worthy item to buy using alliance coins in the Alliance Shop. Even when we don’t intend to migrate to another kingdom, I collect alliance coins for Passports only.

Why is that? There are several reasons I’m only interested in buying a Passport at the Rise of Kingdoms alliance shop. Some of them are just in case, these items are rare, and hard to get.

passport page rise of kingdoms passport skirt

Important Passport Just in case

If and for example your Kingdom, which is currently calm, peaceful, and peaceful, it turns out that there is a group of sultan players with power above 70M, all of them are bored.

They suddenly made plans to attack the players in KD indiscriminately, there was Civil War Rise of Kingdoms. Your city did not escape the threat of attack.
Therefore, preparing enough passport pages for migrating to another Kingdom was the duty of every player. Or one time you are not comfortable and are not in line with the vision and mission of the King and Council, you can also migrate alone.

Passport Pages Are Rare

In the alliance store there are Speedups, RSS Boosters to increase the production of SDA in the City / City, VIP Points, Random / Territorial and Targeted Teleport, Tome of Knowledge, Talent Reset to Silver Key.

However, all of the items mentioned earlier can be obtained in other ways, while the Passport has only two choices at this time. That is, use the option purchased with a top-up bundle called “New World” or in the Alliance Shop using individual coins.

Therefore, in my opinion Passport is the only item worth buying from the Alliance Shop. Although it is quite expensive, which is 600 thousand Silver Coins per 1 passport, but still comparable, maybe in the future Lilith can reduce the price tag.

Especially for F2Ps who have never top-up any bundles, having a passport is like an investment for the future of your account. If you want to retire and sell your account, for example, the existence of a passport can add to its own selling value.

Remember, the higher the power of your RoK account, the more passports you will need for migration. In addition, try to also spend SDA/RSS before immigrating to move the Kingdom.

I personally collect a minimum of 30k alliance coins a day from the Slow Build Flag (max 20k a day), and press the Help button (10k per day). Not to mention the chest rewards, the Ark of Osiris, and the exchange of Aethelflaed’s gold statue.

Passport is the right of the player

Unfortunately in many Kingdoms, alliance officials do not like to restock Passports or provide passport pages in the Alliance Shop. Yes, you must first ask permission from the Officers (R4) or Leader (R5) of the alliance if the Passport item is not available.

And for all of you R4 and R5 alliances, if a friend of your alliance wants the passport page and alliance credit (Alliance Credit) to be sufficient, please just give him a Passport.

Regardless if he just wants to collect or want to migrate, it’s his right. Because alliance credits are also obtained from members’ contributions in helping the alliance, so they are entitled to what they want.

Unless the player is not a permanent resident in the alliance and suddenly comes in asking for a passport, that’s not polite.

As someone who was once part of the Kingdom Council, there’s no point in forcing players to stay in a kingdom if they don’t want to be in the kingdom they live in.

Especially if their Power is high, let them get a passport and migrate to KD instead of just destroying KvK Matchmaking without wanting to contribute when there is a war & pushing Individual Honor Points, it will only harm the kingdom in the Lost Kingdom later.

That’s my opinion about the passport page or Passport Rise of Kingdoms which is currently a hot topic of discussion in the Indonesian RoK community.