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Play Together Holds a Collaboration Event with LINE FRIENDS

HAEGIN’s casual game, Play Together, has collaborated with LINE FRIENDS to bring the popular BROWN & FRIENDS franchise to mobile gaming. In the new collaboration event, players can expect to see the first-ever LINE FRIENDS Virtual Shop at the Plaza on Kaia Island, along with BROWN & FRIENDS items, costumes, and features on BT21 as well as TRUZ.

Expanding on the Play Together metaverse, the partnership adds attractions such as a trampoline, indoor slides, and a concert hall in a virtual shop. Players who stop by the shop will be rewarded with special souvenir balloons tagged with popular IPs. In addition, players can also join community events on Facebook for a chance to get 30 gems just by sharing event posts.

“Play Together, which was launched in April 2022, has reached 60 million downloads and is ranked 1st in the Free Games category from the App Store and Google Play in Taiwan and Vietnam. It shows great success internationally,” said HAEGIN. “We are very pleased to be able to provide a special and enjoyable experience by partnering with LINE FRIENDS which has a solid global network, a wide range of popular IPs, and excellent creative capabilities.”

According to LINE FRIENDS, “This collaboration is part of our digital conversion strategy and will not be bound by online or offline restrictions. Through this collaboration, we hope that the MZ generation will have a special experience by visiting the virtual store and meeting BROWN & FRIENDS, BT21, and TRUZ digital merchandise. We hope this experience can increase the community and reach fans from all over the world. ”

If you wish to participate in this collaborative event, you can download Play Together on the App Store or on Google Play as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.