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Plain White Shirt White Turtleneck FF is back, here's how to get it!

Plain White Shirt White Turtleneck FF is back, here’s how to get it!

Talking about items in Free Fire (FF) is never-ending. There is always something suddenly crowded among players, even though the item is not so special presented by Garena.

This is because the habits of Free Fire players are quite difficult to predict. The reason is, there is always an item that is ordinary, but is widely used.

One example is a turtleneck shirt that is always hotly discussed every time the item appears.

Now this time, a Free Fire costume called Turtleneck White (white) will reportedly be present in a Free Fire event.

Curious about how to get the plain white white turtleneck FF shirt? Come on, see in the following article!

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Plain White Shirt White Turtleneck FF

From an appearance perspective, this bundle is nothing more than a white long-sleeved sweater.

Even so, its arrival is enough to steal the attention when compared to several other bundles that have been recognized as having a cool appearance on Free Fire.

What makes it quite attractive is the sensation of the Free Fire character wearing a T-shirt like a Korean drama film artist who often uses the shirt in several films.

According to a leak from GM Rido Odiri via YouTube Kulgar, the costume will be present in a new Luck Royale Free Fire.

To get it, players will be asked to spin using Diamonds. One Spin will be rewarded with 9 Diamonds and 5 Spins with a price of 79 Diamonds.

Not only the plain white shirt, you can also get other attractive prizes such as gloo walls, bundles, and most importantly there is a 100 Diamond prize that will be available in it.

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That’s a little leak about the new Luck Royale event and the main prize. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.