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Pick Yin Jungler's Enemy? Fight Using This Jungler Mobile Legends Hero

Do you often have trouble fighting Yin jungler? Relax, if the enemy picks Yin jungler, all you have to do is pick this Mobile Legends jungler hero to fight him.

Yin is one of the most popular fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. His ability is really very reliable by the players lately.

Usually played as a jungler, Yin is terrible at playing that position. He counters all assassin or marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who are often used as junglers.

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Regarding that, what jungler hero is suitable to fight Yin jungler? Here are the best recommendations for the SPIN Esports version.

Paquito – Boxer Land of Dawn

Hero auto win mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

The hero we highly recommend against Yin jungler is Paquito. This is the right choice, because if you pick a hero assassin, mage or mm jungler, you will lose against Yin.

But if you pick a jungler hero from a role fighter, especially pick Paquito, then you most likely win if you duel against him.

Paquito has an annoying cc skill from his ultimate, plus having a high burst of skill 2 makes it very easy for him to beat Yin.

Especially if you duel against him in ultimate Yin. Because Yin without ultimate is just an ordinary fighter hero that anyone can easily defeat.

Paquito MPL Season 7

So don’t be afraid to fight Yin jungler again, spinners because defeating this fighter hero is quite easy.

Just pick Paquito, Yin won’t be able to move.

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