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Pharsa MSC's New Skin Leaks, Really Luxurious!

Pharsa MSC’s New Skin Leaks, Really Luxurious!

MSC Mobile Legends has been officially announced by Mobile Legends and will take place online in Malaysia.

In addition to the winning teams that will later go there, Mobile Legends players can join in the fun, one of which is the latest MSC 2022 skin.

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That’s right, the leak already exists and Pharsa will be the skin for MSC Mobile Legends 2022.

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Pharsa MSC’s New Skin Appearance

Instead of being curious, just take a look at the leak below.

Skin Pharsa MSC
source: YT King Aog

This time Pharsa will wear a red and white costume. However, unlike Phoenix, the redness on this skin is softer.

Even so, it looks very cool and deserves to be a tournament skin. Just like most MSC skins, you can buy this skin later through the MSC Pass, which will be coming ahead of MSC 2022.

MSC 2022 itself will be held on 11-19 June 2022, you can expect that this skin will be present at the end of May or early June 2022 later.

Seeing Pharsa’s performance, which is still pretty good in the current meta, of course, the presence of this hero as a special tournament skin is very feasible.

Especially if you look at the history of Pharsa’s skins, on average they have a cool look, especially for the Collector skin.

If you see how it looks, will it auto buy or not? Obviously the price will be much cheaper than the Collector.

Later it will be updated regarding the skill effects presented by this skin.

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