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Paloma FF Character Rework After OB33 Update, Is It More OP?

Paloma FF Character Rework After OB33 Update, Is It More OP?

Free Fire (FF) characters are one of the most important items for players to win a match. Apart from being an avatar, players can also take advantage of the excess skills that each player has in the game.

However, these capabilities may change during the patch update. Some characters may benerf, buffs, or in-rework by Garena.

So, players have to customize and relearn the characters they like after the patch update is complete.

In yesterday’s OB33 patch update, Free Fire has reworked several characters, one of which is the female character Paloma.

Well, want to know how the rework obtained by Paloma FF characters after the update? Yu, see in the following article!

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Paloma FF Character Rework

According to the story, Paloma has a pretty bitter past. Because initially, this character is a beauty queen who grew up in the poorest suburb of her country.

Being a role model for every girl in her time, but the bitter story must be swallowed by Paloma because now she is the epitome of evil, namely an arms dealer who controls the world under the palm of her hand.

Basically, the rework that this character gets is only a change in appearance, namely from dressing like a core soldier with bullets all over his body.

Paloma FF Character Rework

Now, Paloma has turned into a character who looks more relaxed than before. This can be seen from his green leather costume and his short, loose hair.

This character has a skill called Arms-dealing, where this skill has the ability to carry AR ammunition without taking up inventory space.

But not only can Paloma bring additional AR Ammo, she can also bring extra ammo for SMG, SG, AWM, and HG Ammo. The user of this character can carry up to 180 bullets without taking up space.

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That’s a little information about the changes that one of the Free Fire characters will get in yesterday’s update. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.