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Open World Survival Game from NetEase, Fading City Opens Closed Beta Test Stage

If a cataclysmic catastrophe hits a modern city, how will humanity survive? ACE Studio, a new studio focused on shooting games from global game developer and operator NetEase Games, is releasing an open world mobile survival game with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and the desert city theme – Fading City, along with its live demo. At the same time, the game also started a closed beta test. Players are welcome to try it out by searching Fading City from Google Play or getting the Test Flight link from the official SNS platform.

An unknown blue mist descended on Weidu City. The collection of all modern civilizations is
evidence of humanity’s past triumphs and fragility. Zombie invasion is destroying the city. Humanity gathered under their threat, ready for war.

Zombie invasion, Gather to fight together

In the harsh environment of the apocalypse, players need to carefully plan how to consume/use materials and energy. Your team will face dozens of zombies at the same time or fight high-risk zombies that are almost the same size as buildings. Available in a large number of dungeons with various gameplay elements and difficulty options for you to challenge.

Battle experience, Various fighting styles

In Fading City, you need to use skills and strategies. Players can customize weapons and other weapons to achieve different battle effects. Besides shooting fun, players can also try various methods, such as stealth killing, setting traps, and working together to fight zombies.

Explore the ruins and rebuild your home

The game supports 2-4 multiplayer. Players can build their own team and explore in the ruins of the huge city of one million square meters, with hidden puzzles and unknown treasures scattered in every corner of the city, you can cooperate with your teammates and search for more resources. , weapons and equipment to build a safer shelter! For more information, please visit the official website and follow Official Twitter and the official Facebook.