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ONIC Vior Reveals Initially Called Bang Pior, Because of This!

ONIC Vior Reveals Initially Called Bang Pior, Because of This!

Viorenita “Vior” Sutanto is one of the second female players to successfully enter the MPL Indonesia event after officially becoming part of ONIC Esports at MPL ID Season 9.

Interestingly, even though he is a woman, he is often called Bang Pior which has the connotation of being a man.

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Until finally, ONIC Vior himself revealed the reason and story of how he got Bang Pior’s call.

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Because RRQ Xinnn

Photo via Indonesian Theme

Through a talk show session with the Indonesian theme, Rigen, who is indeed participating in the competitive scene of Mobile Legends Indonesia, specifically questioned the reason behind the name Bang Pior.

“So I was called Bang Pior because at first it was Bang Xin, because I kept making rhymes on fyp about Bang Xin. Then he DM me “bang pior bang pior the rhyme is good” so then I went live he told me to rate the beauty of ONIC talent.”

“After that, he rate, oh, this is Bang Pior, how much is the rate? Then I was confused about why Bang Pior was like that, because he himself called Bang Pior. Since then called Bang Pior, “ said the ONIC Esports roster.

This was finally followed by his fans, who until now often greet him as Bang Pior when he is actively doing livestreams.

So, that was the beginning of ONIC Vior getting Bang Pior’s call in the competitive scene of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

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