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Olympus Tactical RPG: Idle Legends Now Officially Launching on Mobile Devices

ALL9FUN Limited has released its newest mobile game, Olympus: Idle Legends. This is a free-to-play tactical mobile RPG that is now available to download and play on Android and iOS.

About game

Olympus: Idle Legends invites players to become the chosen warrior who is humanity’s last hope, after Pandora’s Box is opened, and disaster strikes another world. They will face an uphill mission to revive Greek mythology and save the day. This game is developed by ALL9FUN Ltd., which was founded in 2022 and has produced many games. Crazy Plants, Idle Devils, and Sin Raid: Heroes of Light are some of the other notable games developed by this studio.

Game features

Olympus: Idle Legends will provide players with a non-stop gaming experience where the battle continues even when they are offline and they will receive lots of rewards the next time they log in. Players will be asked to strategize and build their team with unique synergies such as team bleed, build speed, and more. In addition there will also be various formations, class control, and rune systems that ultimately decide who will be at the top after a fierce battle.

Other standout features of the game include the presence of hundreds of gods, the ability to level up and equip or forge epic gear, fight guild wars with other members, multiple modes for players to choose from, and exciting cross-server PvP battles.


Olympus: Idle Legends will provide players with an entertaining gaming experience, especially with features such as free gifts when they log in next time, which is always an interesting addition for casual gamers.

The importance of strategizing properly before building a team for intense battles highlights the player’s need to make smart decisions and thus gives a competitive edge to a game that will put the player’s abilities to the test. The presence of various other game modes and the ability to conduct cross-server PvP battles are other interesting features.

Olympus: Idle Legends is now available for download from Google Play or the App Store. Players who want to keep up with the game’s updates can follow their official Facebook page.