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Not Just By1, Here's the Offlaner Task List in Mobile Legends

You must know that the Offlaner’s job in Mobile Legends is not just by1, but there are many tasks or roles that they have to do.

The role offlaner or explaner is one of the most played roles in Mobile Legends and most of them only know that the task of this role is to by1 and win the duel with the opponent.

When in fact the duties of the offlaner are very many, what are they? Here, SPIN Esports provides a list and summary.

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Present During Team Fight

Yu Zhong mobile legends
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The first task is to be present when the team fight takes place because basically offlaner heroes are the second tanker in the team, they are the heroes who install bodies other than tanks.

In fact, they can also be the team’s main attack in the early game or late game depending on what kind of hero is being played.


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Roaming to the middle lane is also the task of the hero explaner, they must back up the minions in the middle if the midlaner is roaming to goldlane.

Must Survive While in Gank

MLBB Lapu Lapu

The offlaner role is the role that is most often ganked by the opponent, therefore those of you who play this role must be strong & survive while being ganked by the opponent.

Take care of the turret

Hero tank exp lane mobile legends

Lastly is to maintain the turret very well. Besides having to help roam and others, they also have to take care of their own turret.

This is easy to do if you understand how to advance the minions at the right time before starting roaming.

Those are some of the tasks that offlaner Mobile Legends has in addition to by1 with the opponent’s offlaner hero.

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