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Not Esmeralda, This is the Hero Who Gets a Skin Collector in May 2022!

Not Esmeralda, This is the Hero Who Gets a Skin Collector in May 2022!

Who’s waiting for the skin Collector in Met 2022? After April 2022 is confirmed to be Brody’s, let’s now take a look at the latest leak for the Collector for May 2022.

It’s a shame that even though there’s an Unfinished Wallpaper, it doesn’t seem like Esmeralda will get a Collector skin immediately, but this one hero.

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Leaked Mobile Legends Collector Skin May 2022

The hero is Vale, you can see the picture below.

Skin Collector May 2022
source: YT King AOG

Seeing from the number of picks in the rank, it’s not surprising that this hero was chosen. Vale is indeed one of the favorite Mage heroes in the current rank.

From the looks of it, it might be said that it has a similar theme to Brody and Esmeralda.

It is possible that Moonton currently wants to provide the same theme for the current Collector skins (starting with Brody).

Some players may be bored with the look that is not different, but of course this is something new for Vale because previously there was no skin of his with a similar theme.

So I’m curious how Vale’s new wallpaper skin will look. It’s really cool because this skin label is a Collector and has a lot of special effects.

When Release?

Vale Mobile Legends

Of course, in May 2022, if it’s really fixed (wait for the entrance, yes). Usually it will be present at the beginning of the month, wait for further information from SPIN Esports.

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