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Not Beatrix, This is Mobile Legends Gold Lane Thugs According to RRQ Lemon!

Not Beatrix, This is Mobile Legends Gold Lane Thugs According to RRQ Lemon!

Despite getting a nerf, Beatrix is ​​still considered a very deadly gold lane thug in the Land of Dawn.

This is certainly not surprising because Beatrix herself currently still has damage that is beyond reason with the various skills she has.

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Interestingly, recently RRQ Lemon revealed the latest gold lane thugs in Mobile Legends and interestingly the hero is not Beatrix.

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Grock Becomes a Gold Lane Thug
Hero counter grock

The hero turns out to be Grock, who is now starting to be used as a goldlaner in Mobile Legends.

In fact, he is also often installed using a marksman emblem which will make him even more deadly.

With the Weapon Master talent, Grock himself will later get an increase in Physical Attack of 50% from the items he uses.

In addition, Grock himself does have a series of very deadly skills so that it becomes a scourge for marksman who is often used as a goldlaner.

When using his 1st skill, he will deal 300/340/380/420/460/500 (+160% Extra Physical Attack) physical damage.

In fact, when he charges the skill Grock himself will increase the damage produced by up to 250%.

Not only that, Grock also has an ultimate skill that is much more deadly when his Wild Charge successfully hits an opponent who simultaneously hits a turret or wall.

Seeing the potential of this hero who is currently often used as a goldlaner, of course it is not surprising that RRQ Lemon considers Grock to be a gold lane thug at this time.

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