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Nimo TV Closes, Here's a Unique Reaction from EVOS Legends Trainer Zeys!

Nimo TV Closes, Here’s a Unique Reaction from EVOS Legends Trainer Zeys!

Nimo TV has officially announced that it will close in April 2022. April 2022 is the last month for Nimo TV games to be active in Indonesia. The reason has been revealed by one of the streamers and owners of the Oura GPX team.

This news certainly makes the players, especially those who like to stream on the platform sad.

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Zeys Reaction To Nimo TV Closing

However, a different reaction was actually shown by the trainer from EVOS Legends, namely Zeys, at the time the announcement had not been announced it seemed that Zeys already knew this was happening because of his Instagram story upload.

EVOS Zeys Nimo TV
source: ig story @zeysgg

“Finally, I’m really happy,” said Zeys briefly via his Instagram story.

After the announcement was officially announced by Nimo TV Zeys also gave a Reels which contained interesting sentences, namely as follows.

“Goodbye, main job: streamer (tick), side job: pro player (cross),” said Zeys.

In fact, Zeys’s joy did not stop there because he also spoke candidly through Nimo TV’s live streaming with EVOS Luch and his girlfriend Nastasia Adeline.

EVOS Zeys Nimo
source: Nimo TV EVOS Zeys

“It’s okay, don’t worry. No longer hear players say they need live work today, can you change the stream or not? Can you not practice or not?” said Zeys.

“You will no longer hear players say that if you don’t get a streaming contract, you don’t want to play.”

“I see that Maxx (Antimage) and Wann are the most dizzy. Gustian said fortunately he still has Youtube. If Wann doesn’t focus on Youtube, live, doesn’t focus on pro players either,” concluded Zeys.

So that’s the reaction from EVOS Zeys regarding the closing of Nimo TV, it turns out that Zeys is quite happy because the streaming problem can be resolved a bit according to him.

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