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Must Know This is the Ultimate Series of Scariest For Valentina!

Must Know This is the Ultimate Series of Scariest For Valentina!

Valentina is currently still one of the scourges of heroes to ban. How not, this hero can copy the opponent’s ultimate and use it in matches. Of course it will be scary especially the ultimate is very useful.

For those who don’t know, this is the scariest Ultimate line for Valentina to copy. It is absolutely mandatory to take when there is a hero who becomes an opponent.

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X Borg

Xborg MLBB
Photo via Pinterest

First, there is X Borg, where Valentina’s advantage in using this Ultimate is that her HP doesn’t decrease, unlike X Borg which lost its Firaga Armor.

So, you are very obliged to copy this Ultimate when you are on the opposing team. It would be really scary if Valentina used it.


Edith's New Skin

Just like Roger, Selena and Lapu-Lapu, Ultimate Valentina will take all skills, not just Ultimate. The difference is that Edith’s full passive is also taken so the damage will be large and make it scary.


Aurora mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

No need to collect passives because when you take Ultimate Aurora, Valentina can already be fully passive so she can immediately freeze with her Ultimate. It’s really instant for ganking your opponent.

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Hero Assassin op mobile legends
Photo via Twitter AwesomeFeelsMan

Hanzo is practically the same as Edith, the difference is that Hanzo will have energy that can run out if used continuously. If Valentina uses her Ultimate not based on energy but her Ultimate time runs out, so it’s much scarier than the original Ultimate Hanzo.


gold lane mobile legends

Having trouble stacking using Wanwan? Just use Valentina because when you take Ultimate Wanwan, Valentina can fly straight away without having to solve the weaknes points first.


MLB ulti hero
Photo via SmartResize

The concept is quite the same as Wanwan, where when you take the Ultimate Minotaur you can instantly use the stun, of course this is very good for large teamfight setups. It’s really scary, it’s not in Ultimate Minotaur, we do Ultimate.

That’s the row of the scariest heroes when the Ultimate was copied by Valentina. For players who are still learning this hero, they must know which Ultimate is scary and which is useless.

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