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MPL ID Season 9 Playoff Bracket Update Schedule

Mobile Legends

MPL ID Season 9 Playoff Schedule Update, bracket update has been released, 6 teams have the right to enter the playoffs. And NT for 2 teams, there are still next season, keep the spirit, in the final match for the regular season we found a classy match from ONIC VS AE, it turned out that AE became stronger in the final round of the regular as evidenced by this match, but even so, there is only one problem, namely repeated blunders that made the final execution fail. Hopefully later in the playoffs, AE’s performance will be maximized. Let’s be curious, which team will enter the playoffs?

MPL ID Season 9 Playoff Bracket Update Schedule

Regular Season Final Standings

Regular Season Final Standings
Regular Season Final Standings

Ranks 1-6 have definitely fixed their entry into the ONIC playoffs and RRQ became 2 teams in the upper bracket so they can still wait for the match results in game 1. RBL and GEEK have to settle for being in the red zone and can’t take part in the next round. , RBL almost entered the playoffs, the potential is quite large. Meanwhile, geeks may have to rework their strategy to prepare for the next season, let’s check the update bracket and the detailed schedule for the playoffs.

MPL ID S9 Update Bracket and Playoff Schedule

MPL ID Playoff S9 Update Bracket
MPL ID Playoff S9 Update Bracket

MPL ID S9 Playoff Schedule

APRIL 21 2022

  • Match 1 AURA VS BTR 14:00 WIB
  • Match 2 EVOS VS AE 18:30 WIB

APRIL 22 2022

  • Match 3 ONIC VS TBC 14:00 WIB
  • Match 4 RRQ VS TBC 18:30 WIB

APRIL 23 2022

  • Match 5 TBC VS TBC 14:00 WIB (Lower Bracket)
  • Match 6 TBC VS TBC 18:30 WIB (Final Upper Bracket

APRIL 24 2022

  • Match 7 TBC VS TBC 11:30 WIB (Final Lower Bracket)
  • Match 8 TBC VS TBC 16:00 WIB (Grand Final)

Which team will bring the trophy for this MPL ID S9? RRQ, ONIC currently are still very strong but on the other hand there are AURA, EVOS, BTR and AE even though these 4 teams will VS first before meeting the top 1 2 regular season. Can AURA run smoothly? Hopefully there will be surprises from all the teams that can make us enjoy each match. It is proven that today’s and yesterday’s games between RRQ VS RBL are quite and very, very epic, well, I’m curious, we’ll just have to wait for next week for the playoffs.

Source : MPL ID Indonesia