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MPL ID Season 9 Champion Prediction According to KB and Ko Lius!

MPL ID Season 9 Champion Prediction According to KB and Ko Lius!

The MPL ID Season 9 playoffs will take place starting Thursday, April 21, 2022. Of course this is very much awaited because in just 4 days the winning team of MPL ID Season 9 will come out.

Who do you think will be the champion? The six competing teams have shown their sweet game throughout the regular season for a comfortable place in the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs, until finally the two teams sitting in the upper bracket are ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi.

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Talking about the champions, Mobile Legends KB analysts and Ko Lius shared their predictions about the MPL ID Season 9 champion. Interestingly, both teams were predicted to be the same. Who do you think?

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KB Prediction

MPL KB Champion Prediction
source: YT KB

First, there is a prediction from a KB analyst where he predicts RRQ Hoshi will meet ONIC Esports in the Grand Final and win with a score of 4-1.

In the BO7 series, KB made a prediction that RRQ, who was only defeated 2 times during the regular season, would be smooth in the playoffs until they finally won with a pretty landslide score.

Indeed, this season, KB also considers RRQ to be very consistent. Even their defeat in the 1st leg against ONIC because they made their debut for their three MDL players namely Violence, Aether and Yummy.

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Ko Lius Prediction

source: YT KB

Ko Lius also predicts that the winner in MPL ID Season 9 will be the RRQ Hoshi team with a score of 4-3 against ONIC Esports.

The difference is that Ko Lius said that RRQ Hoshi had slipped in the upper bracket round before finally qualifying for the Grand Final after overthrowing AURA Fire in the lower bracket.

Ko Lius also mentioned that based on the data, RRQ is indeed strong and disciplined by making a few mistakes.

That’s the prediction of the MPL ID Season 9 winner according to two analysts from Mobile Legends KB and Ko Lius, who do you predict yourself to be the winner?

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