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More than 2 Accounts/Characters in 1 Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms

How to Create More Than 2 RoK Accounts in 1 Kingdom. In previous articles I always suggested Rise of Kingdoms players who are F2P and Low Spender to have 4 farm accounts and 1 main account in one Kingdom.

The function of the four farm accounts is to farm each SDA/RSS namely Food, Wood, Stone and Gold.
more than 2 characters rise of kingdoms 1 kingdom
While the main account or main account focuses on other activities such as slow build alliance flag collecting individual coins, farm gems, beat barbarian.

But there are players who are confused, we can only make two characters in one royal server.

Then how can I have many account characters in one KD?

It’s true, by default we are only allowed to create 2 characters in 1 kingdom. But my friend can follow the following trick to have multiple accounts in 1 kingdom.

1. Create a new account or character in another kingdom. My advice is not in the newly formed kingdom (Nascent).

2. Increase the power but keep it below 10M power.

3. Try to have CH or City Hall Level 22 at least so that you can add up to 5 troop lines / Five March.

4. Collect alliance coins and store up to 600k or 600,000 individual silver coins.

5. When you have managed to get 600 thousand coins, exchange it for a Passport or Passport Page in the alliance shop (Alliance Shop).

6. When you get your passport, you only need to migrate to the kingdom where your main account is located.

Well, because the new immigration regulations were tightened. I said in the first point, not to create an account in a new kingdom if you want to use it as a farm account.

Because if your main account is in the old KD that has entered the KvK Season of Conquest, then the farm account will not be able to enter your main Kingdom.

Had to wait almost a year. Or after KvK Season 1, you bring the main account from the old KD to play KvK 2 on the farm account that was created earlier. That’s what I did too.

Make sure your account power stays below 10 million power so you don’t need more passports. Don’t forget to remove the RSS before migrating to the main KD.

Is this method safe? Very safe, this trick is often used by SDA/RSS RoK sellers. Please see: selling tips RSS RoKso that your account will still be loved by Lilith Games even if you send SDA many times.

To have more than 2 character accounts in one kingdom in the Rise of Kingdoms game, just repeat the method above.