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Moon Knight Episode Duration is the Longest in All MCU Series

The Moon Knight series reportedly has a longer episode duration than other MCU series. They say, one episode of Moon Knight can be up to 50 minutes long.

Yep, the Moon Knight series can indeed be watched starting today on the Disney+ platform. The screening of the first episode of Moon Knight was also warmly welcomed by Marvel fans because the story line was in line with their expectations.

Because it is a serial format, of course Moon Knight has several episodes that are aired separately, but all of these episodes are still related to each other. Each episode also has a fairly long duration, so this series is certain to have a very solid core story.

Moon Knight Episode Duration is Longer, More Than Other MCU Series

Not long ago, Grant Curtis as executive producer of Moon Knight explained that this series has a lot of information, history, and stories that are quite important for each character. Therefore, it is only natural that the duration of the Moon Knight can be longer.

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Furthermore, Grant also admitted that it was quite difficult to be able to fit the entire Moon Knight story into a show that lasted 45 minutes per episode. Indirectly, the duration is considered insufficient for Grant.

“This character started from 1975 until 1980 and had its own series. Over the years, the story gets more complex and we have a lot of options (to adapt). There are too many complex themes to tell and we’re having a hard time condensing them into 45 minutes per episode,” said Grant Curtis. Collider.

Moon Knight Episode Duration
Photo: Fiction Horizon

“The real challenge is not what to add, but what to remove,” he continued.

It is known, Marvel has never previously aired a series with a long duration. On average, Marvel Studios only shows series with a maximum duration of 30-50 minutes from each episode, as did the WandaVision and Hawkeye series. Especially for Moon Knight, this series comes with a duration minimum 50 minutes.

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Starring Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy, F. Murray Abraham, Gaspard Ulliel and Fernanda Andrade, Moon Knight comes in 6 episodes and you can watch it on the Disney+ platform starting at 2 pm.