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Mocca Band Ready to Hit the Metaverse Stage, Save the Date!

Long time no news, the band Mocca surprisingly gave the news that they would be performing on the Metaverse stage. In fact, the concert date has already been set, you guys!

Mocca is a legendary band from Indonesia, consisting of Riko Prayitno, Arina Ephipania, Achmad Pratama, and Indra Massad. This band from Bandung, West Java carries the alternative/indie genre with its very distinctive music and the voice of the vocalist who has character.

Now, the band, which is famous for its song entitled Secret Admirer, wants to enter the digital world by holding a concert on the Metaverse that you can attend without having to buy a ticket, aka free!

Mocca Will Perform on Metaverse, Tickets are Free!

In the event entitled Mocca Love Fest, the band collaborated with Paras and to present a solo concert with a touch of Metaverse technology which is currently being popular everywhere.

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Pandu Sastrowardoyo, the Founder of, said that the reason why this concert was held for free is so that everyone in Indonesia can know what Metaverse technology is. He also hopes that the audience for this concert can reach thousands.

“To enter the metaverse we make it as easy as possible. In the future, buying and selling tickets is interesting for us to make the system. But for now, we want as many people as possible to join, hopefully it can reach thousands,” said Pandu, quoted from Between in a press conference held virtually (18/4).

Because it carries the concept of Metaverse, all members of the Mocca band will appear in the form of 3D avatars. Even so, all of these avatars can still interact with all the audience present.

Mocha Metaverse
Photo: Wikipedia

According to Paras Digital’s CEO, Rahmat Albariqi, concerts with the Metaverse concept can be used as a medium by the audience who wants to attend a concert of their favorite musician but physically cannot attend the event.

“This is also a solution for fans who want to attend concerts but cannot physically attend,” explained Albariqi.

On the other hand, the guitarist for the band Mocca, Riko Prayitno, said that the concert with the Metaverse concept could continue even after the COVID-19 pandemic was over. Riko also believes that Metaverse technology will continue to develop over time.

“This metaverse world is one way to move forward, not running away because you can’t perform during a pandemic. When the pandemic is over, this metaverse can still continue to grow, it will not be extinguished,” said Riko.

Not to be missed, the frontman of the Mocca band, Arina Ephipania, admitted that she couldn’t wait to act on the Metaverse stage, because this was her new experience after 24 years in the music world.

“I can’t wait to perform at the metaverse concert because it is a new experience since almost 23 years of starting a journey in the music world,” said Arina.

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The plan, this concert will be held on April 23, 2022. For a tutorial on how to get into the concert, you can access it via the Decentra Bois YouTube channel, guys.