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Mobile Legends (ML) Are You Lagging Again, April 2022? This is the solution!

Do you feel that Mobile Legends (ML) is currently lagging or breaking? Even though the internet signal at your house is fast! Well, this is our version of the solution and cause.

Playing Mobile Legends really needs a good and stable network so that it can be maximized while in a match.

Now, but the problem is that right now (17 April 2022) do you guys feel that Mobile Legends is breaking or lags a lot.

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Even though the internet or WiFi network that we use is fine, it doesn’t lag at all when opening other online applications.

But why is it that when you open the Mobile Legends application, when you enter the game, it breaks, aka lagging, and it really interferes with the game.

Causes of Lag in MLBB

Mobile legends lag

There has been no official information from Mobile Legends directly but according to SPIN Esports this sudden lagging is probably because server lag or the like.

Or it could be bugs in the Mobile Legends application, bugs like this are generally present after a patch or update some time ago.

Lag Solution on MLBB

Mobile legends lag

Now then we will provide a solution or how to overcome the lag in MLBB at this time

The best solution based on the experience of personal writers who have tried it directly is to play MLBB with WIFI + Internet Data.

Mobile legends lag

Without these two things, you will definitely experience lagging. Also keep in mind that this solution applies to MLBB players which is currently experiencing lagging.

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