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Mobile Legends can't be opened? Here's the solution!

Mobile Legends cannot be opened, which is an obstacle for some players when they want to push ranked. Not even a few who complain about this. Especially a few days ago, the new hero, Gusion, was released. If you experience this, take a moment and you will immediately fix Mobile Legends that cannot be opened on your cellphone.

This obstacle can exist with various obstacles. For example, force close and immediately close itself when you click Mobile Legends. Or it could be because it is stuck on the loading screen and stuck only on the login logo.

Why can’t Mobile Legends be opened? Here’s how and fix it!

mobile legends can't be opened

source: personal document

You can fix this Mobile Legends force close yourself after knowing the factors and some of the causes. Here’s how to fix it.

Application and Update Factors Can Make Mobile Legends Unable to Open

This Mobile Legends every few times will indeed update both data and some items in the game. So you should always check for updates to the Play Store application, if there is an update, just update it immediately. Then open the game, if there is still something that needs to be updated regarding the data in the game, just update it. Usually only a few MB only.

Network and Internet Connection Factor

Moba games are inseparable from factors and internet networks. If it’s stuck, try to observe the network speed. If you have checked it is still good, you can just activate the dual network booster in the Mobile Legends settings.

So this game will use the cellular network and the wifi network at the same time and will choose which network is the best.

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You can use the best provider connection or use a double with a wifi network. A good ping of course if it’s still below 90. If you get a yellow and even red ping, this moba game from Moonton will not open.

Factors that Cell Phones Are Too Heavy

The cellphone factor, which is indeed too heavy in terms of insufficient ram and internal memory, can also make this game heavy and force close. Ram for more relief when playing this game is about 2 Gb for a minimum. As for the best ram of course 4 Gb. For internal data storage, you should use more than 16 Gb. Considering this Mobile Legends game has a fairly large installation space escalation. Even up to 4 to 5 Gb for data only.

If indeed your cellphone is lacking in specifications to run Mobile Legends right now, you should clear the internal memory from various other applications that you don’t need. For example, the default mobile phone application that tends to fill the internal.

You can also use boosters for games. This booster is an application that will free up ram memory and prioritize both ram and network to the applications that you have set before. In this case Mobile Legends.

If indeed the condition of your phone is the latest and the application has indeed been updated, you can reinstall the application. Previously, first copy the obb data to sdcard/android/data/obb/mobilelegends. Then paste it on another internal memory.

Download Mobile Legends again on playstore. Then don’t open the application first, first copy the data you backed up to sdcard/android/data/ This is so you don’t re-download Mobile Legends game data which can reach more than 3 Gb.

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That’s how to fix Mobile Legends can’t be opened on all Android and Iphones. If you play Mobile Legends using an emulator using a laptop and computer, you can’t play the game. it’s probably the emulator that you need to reset. Or it could be because the emulator does not match the type of operating system you are using.