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Miami Mayor Wants Bitcoin Adaptation Into Citizens' Daily Life

The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez has openly said he wants to adapt Bitcoin (BTC) into the daily lives of its citizens. If you are a resident of Miami, do you guys agree with this discourse?

Yep, Bitcoin which is the ‘king’ of cryptocurrency has indeed been used by several countries to serve as a legal payment method.

Seeing this phenomenon, Francis Suarez also wants the United States to participate in adapting the use of Bitcoin into all buying and selling transactions in his country.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Wants All Americans to Use Bitcoin

At the Bitcoin 2022 conference held in Miami, Suarez revealed that he had a new vision under the name “Vision for Bitcoin America 2024”where he required all Americans to elect a President who is pro-Bitcoin and advised Americans to start using Bitcoin as a means of payment in every transaction activity.

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Currently, Suarez has succeeded in changing the name of the Miami Heat Arena basketball stadium to FTX Arena after the local government allowed the crypto asset exchange to rename the basketball stadium.

It also gives Miami civil servants the choice of whether they want to be paid in US dollars or bitcoins. Specifically Francis Suarez, he has asked the state to pay his wages using Bitcoin.

FYIthe current Mayor of Miami salary is US$187,500 per year, or about 4 BTC (prices are subject to change).

Mayor of Miami Bitcoin
Photo: Coincu News

Francis Suarez said, with Bitcoin, citizens can use their assets freely in their own country, without having to worry about being controlled by the government, as long as users comply with all the regulations that have been provided by the relevant government.

“People can spend money freely in their own country and buy necessities without having to worry about the money they spend being controlled by the government which oversees their every decision,” Suarez said. via Blockchainmedia.

Suarez hopes that starting this year Americans will start using Bitcoin to buy things they want, such as snacks in convenience stores.

“The second thing we need to do this year is we need to integrate bitcoin into every aspect of our society, every part of the fabric of our society. We need to make sure that you can go to the convenience store and buy a Snickers with a satoshi.” Suarez said.

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What do you think guys? Can Francis Suarez’s vision of the use of Bitcoin (BTC) be adopted by all Americans?