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Meta Tank is Selling Hard Again, This is the Strongest Meta Tank Counter Hero!

Meta Tank is Selling Hard Again, This is the Strongest Meta Tank Counter Hero!

Meta tanks are being used a lot because many tank heroes are buffed and become annoying.

Of the many heroes in Mobile Legends, there are indeed some heroes who can counter the meta tank, although it can be said that it all depends on the draft.

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And one of the content creators of Mobile Legends, Jonathan Liandi, revealed one of his strongest counter heroes. Who do you think?

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The Strongest Meta Tank Counter Hero

The hero is Karrie. Apart from being passive which is very suitable for counter meta tanks or thick heroes. These few points further strengthen this hero as a counter meta tank.

  • Just buffed so the damage is getting bigger
  • It is increasingly being used as a Goldlaner of choice besides Beatrix, Wanwan, Brody and Popol & Kupa
  • Not a hero that is OP enough to be banned

The buff is quite high and makes this hero’s damage very strong. Even so, this MM hero is an option when used against thick heroes.

And because not many know the potential of this hero as a counter tank, this hero doesn’t look OP enough to be banned.

Because apart from the hero itself, it’s underrated for now. Not always players use meta tanks, many also ban OP tank heroes like Hilda, Masha and Baxia.

In conclusion, this hero is indeed one of the best counter tanks but is still classified as underrated so not many have banned this hero. So, if your opponent uses a meta tank, you can immediately pick this one hero as a counter.

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