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META Starts Testing New Features in Its Artificial Metaverse

META is officially testing a new feature in its Metaverse, Horizon Worlds. This feature is claimed to be very useful for creators in getting additional income from the platform.

Meta Platforms, Inc. is indeed busy building his own Metaverse called Horizon Worlds. In this virtual reality, all users will be able to do any activity and go anywhere using only a VR headset.

Some of the latest features have also been prepared by META, one of which is a feature where creators can sell or buy digital goods in Horizon Worlds.

META Trials New Features in Metaverse Horizon World

In its official statement, starting today META officially launched a new tool that allows its creators to earn money from the platform. However, this trial is only available to users aged 18 years and over and residing in the United States and Canada.

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“Today we are launching a new tool for a handful of content creators. This tool is the company’s step towards a long-term vision for a metaverse where creators can make a living and people can buy digital goods, services and experiences,” said Meta.

With this feature, creators can sell digital merchandise by tapping the Commerce menu and selecting the Create feature in the application. Of course, the means of payment used must also be digital, guys. In this case, it looks like META has already prepared digital money that will be used in its Metaverse.

Meta New Features Metaverse
Photo: Daily-Array

Mark Zuckerberg claims, if this new feature can be used as the main job for its users.

“We want there to be just a lot of amazing worlds, and for that to happen, there needs to be a lot of creators who can support themselves and make this their job,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

However, META reminds that creators who want to use this feature must comply with all the rules that have been set by their party. If anyone violates these regulations, META will certainly take firm action so that in the future similar incidents do not happen again.

“If you see something that appears to violate our policies, you can submit a report for us to review,” META stressed.

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Unfortunately, it is not known for sure when this feature will be launched globally, because the feature is still in the testing phase. We’re just waiting for the next news, guys!