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Mastercard Ready to Enter the Metaverse World and Work on NFT

Mastercard has officially declared its readiness to explore the world of Metaverse and work on NFT. This news has also been confirmed directly by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Mastercard Incorporated is a multinational company from the United States that provides financial services to every user. Founded on November 3, 1966, Mastercard immediately became the largest financial company in the United States and the world.

Now, the company led by Michael Miebach wants to spread its wings by getting involved in the world of Metaverse and is ready to launch its NFT collection.

Mastercard Dives into Metaverse, Ready to Launch NFT!

According to reports from Cointelegraphthis financial company has registered its 15 collections of NFT and Metaverse trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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After the submission process is complete, Mastercard will immediately be able to carry out all digital activities, such as marketing digital assets (NFT), receiving payments through Metaverse, and holding virtual events.

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) proposed by Mastercard is in the form of artwork, text, audio and video that is directly integrated with the company.

Mastercard Metaverse
Photo: Hanlire

In a way, Mastercard is a company that is very open to digital asset technology and the Metaverse. The proof is that this company had received 500 new employees to launch innovations related to NFT and Metaverse.

Previously, several other financial companies had registered with the USPTO to work on the NFT and Metaverse ecosystems, for example Visa and American Express.

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With Mastercard’s foray into the digital world, the list of companies participating in NFT and Metaverse will automatically grow. It is not impossible, in the near future there will be other financial companies that will also enliven this digital world.