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Many Psywars on the Stage, This is EVOS REKT's Message for EVOS Fams!

Many Psywars on the Stage, This is EVOS REKT’s Message for EVOS Fams!

The past few days have been buzzing about behavior psywar in the Indonesian MPL stage which made the match even more heated.

One of the targeted players was Gustian “REKT” when EVOS Legends faced Alter Ego on the first day of week 6 of MPL Indonesia Season 9.

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This of course cannot be separated from the presence of the fans who attended and supported the totality of their respective teams.

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REKT Gives Special Message To EVOS Fams

Photo via MPL ID

Psywar What Alter Ego fans did, of course, was heard directly by EVOS REKT who was also present in the MPL Arena.

After his victory over RBL Zion, the flagship roamer belonging to EVOS Legends responded to the behavior of fans who gave psywar while the match is in progress.

“Actually, if it’s his right to scream, it’s his personal right, I can’t do anything about it either.” said REKT to SPIN Esports when attending the MPL ID Season 9 media interview.

In addition, he also gave a special message to the EVOS Fams who were also present directly or indirectly to the MPL Arena.

“Just a suggestion for others, don’t trigger it, for EVOS Fams don’t get emotional, don’t be toxic,” he added.

SPIN Esports itself hopes that future behaviors toxic it doesn’t come back again on the MPL ID Season 9 stage,

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