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Lucky Stall and Spin Rise of Kingdoms Event Schedule

Since there are two events in my kingdom at the same time, namely Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin, it is interesting to discuss. This includes two new events in the game Rise of Kingdoms.

“Lucky Stall” is an event that is present in Rise of Kingdoms along with “Lucky Spin” where we can get the most likely reduction in resource consumption (SDA/RSS) for the 3 main forms of development in the game, Research, Building and Training Troops.

lucky stall skirt spin rise of kingdoms event

The percentage of this reduction increases according to the probabilities we have, we can also unlock more of these probabilities in “Lucky Spin” by completing a series of missions.

Lucky Stall RoK

Lucky Stall Event Rules are as follows: You can choose the one you want during the event period between “Building Construction”, “Research”, and “Troop Training”.

Select an option and make a wish to get the specified SDA consumption reduction bonus (only valid during the event period).

This RSS discount may include Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold during the event period, but only up to a certain amount per SDA, i.e. the RSS discount will be limited.

The first spin does not require coins. Subsequent spins will cost you one Lucky Coin each.

Well, Lucky Coins can be obtained from the “Lucky Spin” event. Make a wish/Wish then tap “Change” to make another Wish at the cost of one Lucky Coin.

After you make a new request, you can choose to replace the currently active discount bonus with a new one.

When you cancel building upgrades and training troops during this event, you will receive the normal return of all your resources.

However, canceled troops building and training upgrades still count towards your SDA consumption reduction discount limit.

All Lucky Coins will be deleted at the end of the event, so make sure to use them first before they end.

Tips for Maximizing Lucky Stall

We have to choose wisely how much SDA consumption we want to use so as not to waste the first use of “Lucky Coins” which is free, but will then be charged with Lucky Coins.

For F2P players, the tip is to take advantage of this event to reduce the SDA/RSS needed when you want to upgrade buildings or increase the level of buildings and technology research at the Academy, the more expensive the SDA required, the better to take advantage of RSS reductions of course.

When activating the event, it will show us the buff reduction we have in our buff panel, pay close attention before using the buff changes you develop so as not to waste every opportunity.

By completing missions, we can get more “Luck Coins” to win more chances, therefore, don’t be discouraged by the first buff you get, try to find a better one without wasting all chances.

Before Build, Train or Research, the system will show you the previous and new Rise of Kingdoms SDA consumption with the percentage reduction you activated.

We have to pay attention to our RSS limit for each option. Use any runes, royal buffs or alliances that control the “Holy Site” to get time reductions on each of these options and thus be able to speed them up later to complete missions and continue to take advantage of the reduced SDA/RSS.

Lucky Spin RoK

Lucky Spin is an event that comes along with “Lucky Stall” where completing a series of missions will reward us with various items, in addition to getting “Lucky Coins” to change the percentage of SDA consumption or the probability of each theme in “Lucky Stall”.

During the event, all Governors can complete All missions in the event to get lots of prizes and Lucky Coins! Lucky Coins can be used to make Wishes at the “Lucky Stall” to get special bonuses.

Other attractive prizes in this Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin RoK event include: Speedup, Golden Key, Tome of Knowledge (EXP Book), Epic Commander Sculpture, Golden Statue / Universal Legendary Sculpture, equipment materials and many more.

Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin RoK Jadwal Schedule

The exact time when Lucky Stall and Lucky Spin Rise of Kingdoms will be present is certainly unpredictable. But based on the track record in my records, this event occurs every two months.

Usually coincides with the RoK Holiday Event but this time in Kingdom, I appeared a week after the 7k Gems event ended at Rise of Kingdoms.