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Looking Brilliant, RRQ Alberttt Becomes MVP Regular Season MPL ID Season 9!

Looking Brilliant, RRQ Alberttt Becomes MVP Regular Season MPL ID Season 9!

The MPL ID Season 9 Regular Season ended last Sunday, with this the fight for the MVP Regular Season has ended.

Before El Clasico started, Alberttt did lead but could be overtaken if only Ferxiic managed to get the daily MVP. However, despite good performances, Ferxiic and his team failed to win in the 2nd leg of El Clasico after being hit by a 2-1 comeback from RRQ Hoshi.

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This made Alberttt’s points even more unattainable and even increased because Alberttt got the daily MVP in RRQ’s last match in the regular round.

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Finally, RRQ Alberttt has officially become MVP Regular Season for the second time (previously in MPL ID Season 7).

The game was indeed quite stable and it was recorded that Alberttt only did not play once when he met ONIC Esports in the 1st leg, where at that time Aether was the one who started as a starter.

As of playing Alberttt, he got 7x MVP Daily and 1x MVP Weekly, his 75 points were not overtaken by his opponents.

Regarding his performance this season, it’s interesting because with the selection of 11 unique hero picks, Alberttt noted 163 Kills points, 9.8 KDA and 778.7 GPM.

Of the 11 heroes used, Lancelot’s winrate is still perfect, namely 100%followed by Hayabusa with 92% and Ling 60%.

It’s also quite surprising to see Ling Alberttt not being very successful this season, maybe many already know the counter.

But besides Ling, of course, there are Hayabusa and Lancelot who are Alberttt’s mainstays this season.

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