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Login Today to Get a Free KOF Skin from Mobile Legends!

Login Today to Get a Free KOF Skin from Mobile Legends!

You really have to log in today, especially for those of you who have done quests in the KOF phase 1 event.

Because if your Bingo pattern matches the leak and it’s possible to get a KOF skin on one or two more occasions.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

The second phase of the KOF Mobile Legends event will be here today (16 April 2022 at 15.00 WIB) you can continue this second quest to get 17 additional stamps to draw at the KOF Mobile Legends event.

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KOF Mobile Legends Free Skins

You can re-quest for this second phase and get a total of 17 stamps from this event.

  • Game Login – 1 Ticket
  • Top-up 1 time – 2 Tickets
  • Top-up 100 diamonds – 3 Tickets
  • Top-up 250 diamonds – 5 Tickets
  • Using 100 diamonds – 3 Tickets
  • Using 250 diamonds – 3 Tickets

It’s quite easy, because you only need a top-up of around 250 diamonds, you can get a total of 17 free tickets which of course can get you 20 draw opportunities and can get 2 Free Epic skins (KOF Bingo if your bingo pattern is lucky enough to get 3 or 4 patterns Check the pattern above, OK?

You can get one of the remaining 5 KOF skins, namely Guinevere, Dyrroth, Gusion, Chou and Aurora (Karina already got it at the first opportunity).

Good luck with the bingo pattern so you can get the KOF skin from the Mobile Legends event in 2022.

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