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List of Mobile Games Released in October 2022

For those of you fans of mobile games, you must always look forward to new games that appear, especially among these games there are games that you have been waiting for for a long time, such as PUBG: New State for example. Well, for you loyal mobile game players, here is a list of new mobile games that will be released in October, let’s look at the list of games.

1. PUBG: New State

In terms of gameplay, PUBG: New State still brings 100 players to battle against each other in one map and fight to be the last person standing.

This PUBG sequel certainly has a difference, namely in terms of the graphics offered, it looks more realistic and charming. Aside from that mechanically, the game will introduce new elements to the tried and tested battle royale genre as well. Players will be able to use weapon customization kits to quickly modify their weapons. This can activate various performance changes such as selecting a firing mode or adding a grenade launcher attachment.

In addition, there will be many different tools to use such as drones, which may be used to survey areas and tag enemies. Players will also be able to roll during battle, which can prove very useful for dodging incoming enemy bullets.

2. Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba

The game adaptation of the popular anime Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba will be out on October 15th. In this game, players will be presented with an asymmetric multiplayer mode where players are divided into two groups, namely Demon Slayer Corps and Demon. Similar to the anime version, the player will play the “Demon Extermination Corps” to destroy the “Demon” and the player can choose the opposite role.

3. Townscaper


Townscaper is the next game that will be released in October. Towncaper is a game created by Swedish indie developer Oskar Stålberg that allows players to instantly build a cozy beach town. You can build a colorful city from a blank canvas of the sea and sky.

Townscaper is described more as a toy than a game, this building game lacks real goals and gameplay. It’s just about creating multiple buildings.

4. Soccer Manager 2022


Soccer Manager 2022 is a soccer management game that will be released in October. This game invites you to become a football manager. Your task in this game is to take players from 800 clubs from 33 countries and make the top eleven.

This game allows you to control all aspects of the club, such as choosing a team, planning training sessions, developing club facilities, transfers, assigning team numbers, determining tactics, and much more. The level of control this game offers makes it one of the best football manager games on the market

5. League of Pantheons


League of Pantheons is an idle RPG game that will be launching for mobile in October. The game lets players create their own army of heroes before playing countless PvP and PvE modes.

In this game, players will join together to prevent evil forces from shrouding the world in darkness.

That’s the list of mobile games coming in October. From the list of games above, which one are you most looking forward to? Write your comments below.