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List of 7 Best Android Emulators for PC

An Android emulator is a software application that allows your phone to emulate Android OS features onto your PC. It allows you to install Android Apps on your computer or laptop. It is mainly used for debugging purposes.

Following is a list of the best Android Emulators, this list includes both paid and free emulators.

Bluestacks has as many users as the most comprehensive Android app on the market, and with good reason. Apart from running on Windows and Mac, this emulator comes with a lot of features to enhance the gamer experience.

Its most popular features include the Keymapping Tool for creating customized control schemes, the Instance Manager where you can create multiple emulator instances and run multiple games at the same time, and the Eco Mode feature, which helps reduce resource consumption. while running the game. It is also the safest emulator out there, with GDPR certified, your data will always be safe.

Nox Player is specifically aimed at Android users. This emulator works well and is suitable for playing games like PUBG Mobile. This emulator is also completely available for free without any ad sponsors.

ox Player allows you to map Keyboard, Mouse, and Gamepad keys. You can even assign keyboard keys to gestures, for example, mapping shortcuts to swipe right.

Apart from that, you can specify CPU and RAM usage in the settings options to get the best game results. If rooting Android is your focus, Nox Player makes it easy to root a virtual device in under a minute.

The only problem with Nox is that it puts a lot of burden on the system. As such, you won’t be able to use many other apps.

MEmu is a relatively new app player compared to the others. Launched in 2022, MeMu Play is, once again, focused on gaming. In terms of speed, this Android emulator gives the same results as Nox and BlueStacks. One of the most important features of the MeMu Android emulator is its support for AMD and Nvidia chips.

MEmu can run games like Ingress or Pokémon Go, this emulator can be your choice. Overall, this is the best Android emulator if you want to experience Android on PC.

AndY is an Android emulator based on VMWare Player. This emulator is built to run Android games and supports Xbox and PlayStation controllers. It even allows our phones to act as joysticks. AndY is also great in terms of storage capacity and can run just about any application imaginable.

The most common drawback is that this emulator was last updated in 2022. Due to this, there are some bugs and inconsistencies here and there. However, the app was previously accused of mining bitcoins on users’ PCs without their consent.

GameLoop, formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy is an Android emulator for gamers. In fact, Tencent calls it the official emulator for their games, including Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Of course, it features other games besides Tencent, although the collection isn’t as big as one might expect.

The emulator downloaded and installed fine and runs fine. If you have the urge to play FPS mobile games along with some titles, this is actually a pretty good game emulator and offers a nice collection of new titles. Plus, the keyboard controls and performance are great.

NetEase makes a really decent emulator with MuMu. This is another game emulator with most of the same features as its competitors. The emulator runs Android 7 like most of its competitors. That said, it has decent boot times and enough features to warrant consideration. There is also a beta version specifically for low-end computers.

The emulator runs great and you can download all the games we want to test. MeMU, Bluestacks and GameLoop outperform it in terms of features and all three get regular updates.

best android emulators

A fairly new Android emulator for PC in the market. LD Player excels at delivering fast game performance and game optimization. It supports essentials like keyboard mapping, gamepad support, high fps gaming, etc.

LD Player runs on Android Nougat 7.1, and the phone emulator is only available on Windows. Regarding game performance, LD Player managed to defend well against Nox and Bluestacks users while playing PUBG. However, it was unable to beat Gameloop.