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Leaked Luo Yi's New Skin in Mobile Legends, Will You Be The Next Collector?

Leaked Luo Yi’s New Skin in Mobile Legends, Will You Be The Next Collector?

After the announcement of Vale’s new skin, which will become a Collector skin in May 2022, it seems that Moonton has released the next Collector skin.

He is Luo Yi who can be said to be a Mage hero with large burst damage with his combo skills.

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However, for ranked mode or tournaments, this hero is not in demand, only for some situations this hero is used.

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Of course there are many other considerations that we don’t know why Luo Yi will soon get a new skin.

New Skin Luo Yi Mobile Legends

Seeing how it looks really cool and in theme with several other Collector skins such as Zilong and Vale.

With the dominant colors yellow and white. From the picture, the wallpaper looks really cool.

It is very possible if Luo Yi’s new skin is released considering that there is already an unfinished wallpaper.

When Approximately Release?

Mobile legends strongest mage hero
Photo via WallpaperAccess

Because Vale has just been announced as a Collector in May 2022, it is unlikely that this new skin will be released that month.

Probably around 2-3 months later, namely July or August 2022. Because apart from Luo Yi, there are several Collector skins already in the queue, such as Ruby and Natalia.

If Luo Yi’s performance improves rapidly, it is not impossible that this skin will be released soon.

So just wait, Spinners for further information about Luo Yi’s cool new skin.

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