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KOF Bingo Event Coming Back Soon, Save the Date!

KOF Bingo Event Coming Back Soon, Save the Date!

Who can’t wait to join the KOF Bingo event on Mobile Legends? For those who can’t wait, it’s a coincidence, according to the latest leak, KOF Bingo will be coming soon.

KOF Bingo Event Leaks

According to the latest leak from a trusted leaker in Mobile Legends, the Bingo Event will be on April 5-24, 2022.

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KOF Bingo
Source: YT KOG

But for those of you who want to take part in the free event, you can really do it on the following date.

KOF Bingo Events
Source: YT KOG

You can see the details of the event:

  • Game Login – 1 Ticket
  • Top-up 1 time – 2 Tickets
  • Top-up 100 diamonds – 3 Tickets
  • Top-up 250 diamonds – 5 Tickets
  • Using 100 diamonds – 3 Tickets
  • Using 250 diamonds – 3 Tickets

As you can see in the picture, the Bungo KOF event will take place in 2 phases, namely April 9-11 and April 16-18.

It’s close enough, so for those who are after the KOF Bingo skin, you can immediately write down the date so you don’t miss the event.

In this event, for those who have never been, it will be confirmed that they will get the KOF Karina – Leona skin for the first 10 draws.

But if you already have it, you can get other Epic skins like those available in rewards, it can be Epic Shop or Limited.

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