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KD Dead Rise of Kingdoms: The Cause of the Dead Kingdom of Players

In terms of RoK, there is such a thing as dead KD. Basically KD dies in Rise of Kingdoms is a term for a kingdom server that is empty of players, minimal activity, rarely exposed, and most importantly there are only a few sultans.

But Rise of Kingdoms’ dead KD turned out to be in great demand, not even a few who wanted to join the kingdom with only minimal active players.

kd dead list rise of kingdoms rok

Why is the dead kingdom in the RoK game actually liked by players? So they are vying to get into KD die even though it’s actually very difficult.

Cause KD Dies in Rise of Kingdoms

In some servers, the dead kingdom may be previously very active, crowded, talked about a lot. However, due to one thing or another, such as internal conflicts, the kingdom can die.

Sultan players who are active in war, all on migration to move the kingdom. Those who are often appointed as Rally Leaders and Garrison leaders choose to leave for other kingdoms.

For those with good stats in terms of power, kill points (KP), legend commanders who have a lot of expertise, maybe it’s good because they are easy to accept to join other kingdoms.

Meanwhile, farmers with high power but low KP, will be difficult to accept when migrating to other kingdoms. Especially now that many kingdoms are selective in choosing immigrants after the rise of the Civil War.

The result is that players with high power and little KP, or so-called Farmers, are trapped in their kingdom which is becoming deserted. Play with other farmers in one kingdom.

KD Mati is also synonymous with Casual Player, or players who just play Rise of Kingdoms as it is without having certain ambitions such as an active Kingdom whose goal is to win KvK.

In fact, they could move, as long as they are good at lobbying the targeted royal council. Even better if the kingdom is led by someone you know. In other words, use “Insider Strength”.

Dead Kingdom is in high demand

Starting from F2P, Low Spender and Sultan are targeting KD Mati. Why? The reason is clear because it is easier to win certain events. It’s just one of many other reasons such as:

Barbarian Camp and Keep – Logically, the more players, the more people who hunt for blueprints such as Silent Trial and Delane’s Amulet.

Farming Gems – In the article entitled: Tips Farming Gems RoKI mentioned that in one time KvK managed to collect more than 200 thousand Gems during the Lost Kingdom Event.

Well, at that time I was in KD died. After KvK finished, I decided to migrate to move the kingdom. The lack of players is a distinct advantage if you focus on farming Gems.

Especially in a kingdom where the majority of players are European and American, with different time zones, the frequency of playing hours will not be the same. So when they enter the break, on the other hand it is active time for Asian players.

Even then, when he was still in KD he died, and had not yet entered the Season of Conquest at that time. Also given by the kingdom council which is actually a friend of mine, because I have adequate Infantry equipment for fighting.

Convenient SDA/RSS Farming – In contrast to the densely populated imperial kingdoms, where you just have to fight for SDA Food/Wood/Stone/Gold farming, even in the lowest Zone, Zone 1, you have to fight. If KD dies, farming is as comfortable as possible.

For farmers, introverts, and those who don’t like fanfare, KD dies is indeed the best option for a stopover. Quiet, quiet, quiet, minimal drama, aiming for a good ranking in the event.

Unfortunately entering KD Mati is difficult now. Because the majority of the Council or the royal administrators of the dead KD are reluctant to accept new immigrants whose power is above 25 billion, let alone the sultan.

They still want to control the server until they are satisfied with getting what they want, play in their comfort zone until they are satisfied and then migrate together with their friends.

Is there a KD Dead List for Rise of Kingdoms

Actually, I could have written in this article a list of dead kingdoms in RoK. However, because it is fluctuating, it is also reluctant. Especially regarding the reputation of the royal server.

Because I learned from experience, the dead kingdom that I used to visit has now turned into a bustling, active, and full of players and even almost has the status of an empire. They are always in Seed A or Seed B for KvK Rise of Kingdoms.