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Just been to MDL in a moment, ONIC Drian is officially playing in MPL ID Season 9!

Just been to MDL in a moment, ONIC Drian is officially playing in MPL ID Season 9!

Indeed, this is nothing new because players who join MDL are still very likely to go up to MPL as soon as possible, provided that they have played in MDL first.

And indeed Drian has made his debut in MDL ID Season 5 even though his team failed to win after a 2-0 loss to Dewa United Esports.

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ONIC Drian is back

Finally, today, March 31, 2022, through an announcement on the ONIC Esports team’s Instagram, it was officially announced that Drian would be able to play in MPL ID Season 9 starting this week.

Actually, the position of ONIC Esports is still on a safe path and is in the Upper Bracket, perhaps the anticipation of the players who may be tired from participating in the 2022 Sea Games.

Drian indeed decided not to play and did not enter the roster at the beginning of the season and even raised the SamoHt tanker who was on the ONIC Prodigy team.

It was enough to adjust because previously Sanz had been tried in the midlaner, but indeed Sanz seemed to prefer playing jungler until finally he was playing as a jungler and SamoHt played midlaner.

It is proven by this roster that ONIC Esports has only lost 3 times, even though it is far from the RRQ Hoshi team who is at the top of the standings.

Will with Drian’s entry, last season’s winning roster combination will again give the ONIC Esports team a title and succeed in becoming back-to-back champions after RRQ Hoshi in the 5th and 6th seasons. We’ll just have to wait, Spinners.

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