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Jim Carrey Interested In Returning To Star In Ace Ventura 3, As Long As...

Actor Jim Carrey claimed to be interested in returning to star in the film Ace Ventura 3. However, the actor gave one condition that the film had to fulfill.

Jim Carrey and Ace Ventura are a unit that we cannot simply separate. Because, this actor is considered successful in playing the character of an animal detective named Ace Ventura who always acts silly while doing his actions.

Unfortunately, the detective’s action only reached Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, because the production houses of Morgan Creek Productions and O Entertainment were reluctant to work on the sequel again, for several reasons that were not stated.

However, Jim Carrey admitted that he was still interested in continuing the journey of the animal detective in the 3rd Ace Ventura sequel, as long as the main conditions he asked for were complied with by the film.

Jim Carrey Still Wants To Star In Ace Ventura 3, But There Are Conditions!

Not long ago, the 60-year-old comedy actor attended an interview with E! News and expressed his desire to work with Christopher Nolan in the sequel to Ace Ventura 3. In this way, Ace Ventura must try to bring in Christopher Nolan to work on the third sequel, so that Jim Carrey wants to star in the sequel.

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“If Chris Nolan came to me and said, ‘I want to make Ace Ventura and it’s a lot more interesting,’ then I might as well listen,” said Jim Carrey. NME.

If this sequel is really going to be worked on, Carrey asked the director to bring some updates to the storyline, because this film last aired in 1995 ago.

Therefore, Jim Carrey really wants Christopher Nolan to work on this third sequel, because Nolan is famous as a director with his creative ideas and is able to make a film with a solid and interesting storyline.

Jim Carrey Ace Ventures
Photo: Paris Beacon News

“Fact-speaking, it’s very difficult to bring something back after a very long time. Unless a bunch of genius directors and artists can come along to do something completely new,” said Carrey.

“But in essence, there won’t be a single cell in your body that can anymore form that character. You’ll end up trying to copy what you did in the past, while the original inspiration won’t show up.”

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On the other hand, Jim Carrey also briefly expressed his desire to retire from the film world that made his name. According to him, his actions in the film industry are enough and he wants to focus on living his life in peace.

“If angels come to me with scripts in gold and it’s an important thing for a lot of people to see, then I’ll think about coming back again. But now, I will rest,” he said.

“I enjoy solitude and paint on canvas, I really love my spiritual life. This is probably going to be the thing we hear most from other celebrities — but I’ve had enough. Everything I do is enough,” concluded Jim Carrey.