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Jackpot Tips for Playing Jin Ji Bao Xi Higgs Domino

Jin Ji Bao Xi Higgs Domino Jackpot Tips

The following is a review of jackpot tips for playing Jin Ji Bao Xi Higgs Domino which can be a reference for you to play well.

Yep, Jin Ji Bao Xi is one of the newest types of slot games available at Higgs Domino. Almost similar to the Duo Fu Duo Chai slot, on Jin Ji Bao Xi there are also wilds, scatters and various other images.

However, the difference is that you need 6 scatters to successfully enter the bonus mode. Well, for those of you who are still confused and want to win playing this one slot. Check out some of the tips that the admin shares below.

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Tips for playing Jin Ji Bao Xi Higgs Domino

1. Looking for Pattern

Many argue that pattern is one of the factors to increase jackpot chances. Yep, that’s right, with a good pattern, you don’t need to do a lot of spins to get the jackpot.

However, finding the pattern is not as easy as you might think. There are also many room patterns that convince us, but the end is just a zone.

There is one characteristic of a good pattern is that there are 5 fish items and 4 bird items. Try to find the pattern before doing the round.

2. Place the Lowest Bet at the Beginning

After you manage to get a good pattern, then you just start doing spins with the lowest bet. It aims to feed the slot and the room first.

After you’ve done enough rounds, then watch the progress. Make sure your chips don’t increase when you’ve made 100 spins on low bets.

If so, it means that you have to continue with the low bet again until you feel absorbed in the low bet.

3. Do Manual Spin 10 Times

The next tip is to do a manual spin 10 times. Well, these tips mean that you have spam spins at low bets.

So, then you can increase the bet according to the number of chips you have and then do a manual spin 10 times.

After that, if it does not produce results then continue to spin 10 times. If something happens that raises your chips, then it’s a good idea to go back to low bets to get rid of messy spins.

Why do admins say that? Because it rarely happens when you get big results, the system will automatically lower your win rate again.

Well, if those were just a few jackpot tips for playing Jin Ji Bao Xi Higga Domino the BugisTekno version. However, you need to remember, this is just a tip that doesn’t guarantee you can get 100% victory.