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Isyana Used, Strapped Trance Bundle Free FF in This Mission!

Isyana Used, Strapped Trance Bundle Free FF in This Mission!

All Free Fire (FF) esports teams that have successfully qualified for Play Ins FFIM 2022 Spring are preparing to show their actions in the event to qualify for the grand finals.

The fierce competition between the competing teams will certainly show an exciting game for us to watch together.

To add to the splendor of FFIM this season, Free Fire brought a special event to welcome the prestigious tournament.

Various kinds of cool prizes will be waiting for you every time you finish completing the missions at the FFIM 2022 Spring event.

One of the most awaited items is the Strapped Trance Bundle FF which can be obtained for free in the following way!

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Strapped Trance Bundle Free Fire (FF)

Previously, we discussed the arrival of this event with a number of attractive prizes that players can get for free after completing missions.

Well, Bundle Strapped Trance will also be one of them. This cool girl bundle was once used by a top Indonesian female singer, Isyana Sarasvati, during a FF collaboration photoshoot session with her.

Unlike the Isyana special edition bundle that was released previously, this time players can get the bundle for free.

Players only need to participate in the event and collect a number of special tokens at the FFIM 2022 Spring event, namely Silver Tokens and Gold Tokens.

Strapped Trance Bundle FF

Players can get Silver Tokens after every match through Aftermatch Drop in all modes in Free Fire. You can exchange and collect Tokens from April 1 to 12, 2022.

Meanwhile, Gold Tokens can only be obtained by players through various other missions, such as the Booyah mission which gives players Gold Tokens as well as the main prize of a free Gloo Wall.

As quoted from, here is the number of Silver Tokens and Gold Tokens that you must collect in order to exchange for the Strapped Trance Bundle and various other prizes:

  • Strapped Trance Bundle: 25x FFIM 2022 Spring Silver Token + 3x FFIM 2022 Spring Gold Token
  • Petskin: Red Beanie: 10x FFIM 2022 Spring Silver Token
  • Camouflage Facepaint: 7x FFIM 2022 Spring Silver Token
  • Resupply Map (limit: 5): 3x FFIM 2022 Spring Silver Token
  • 1x Incubator Voucher (limit: 3): 1x FFIM 2022 Spring Gold Token

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That’s a little information about the Free Fire event that offers free gifts to players. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.