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IIMS Hybrid 2022 Presents NFT Special Edition, Lots of Benefits!

IIMS or Indonesia International Motor Show Hybrid 2022 officially presents an NFT as a form of their participation in the development of the world of digital assets. Reportedly, this NFT has a lot of benefits, you guys!

The Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) itself is an automotive exhibition event which is usually held once a year. In this event, various automotive brands exhibited their superior products and competed for the attention of automotive enthusiasts.

Especially in 2022, the event held by Dyandra Promosindo presents a new innovation, namely the release of a special Non-Fungible Token (NFT) called the “IIMS NFT Society”. To work on this innovation, IIMS cooperates with LoketTiket.

NFT Special Edition Available at IIMS Hybrid 2022!

In his remarks, the President Director of Dyandra Promosindo, Hendra Noor Saleh, claimed that IIMS was the first exhibition industry to utilize digital tokens (NFT). This program is expected to create a new interactive tool for all automotive activists in Indonesia.

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“IIMS every year is our tangible manifestation of stimulating the growth of the automotive industry, as well as its creative industry ecosystem. Innovation in totality in creating new treats is a challenge for. For example, IIMS 2022 provides a new surprise for the IIMS NFT society, creates new interactive facilities for automotive people, various benefits can be felt by NFT holders. The application of NFT in the world is the first for the exhibition industry,” said Hendra, as reported by Oto.Detik.

Furthermore, Hendra said that this concept would later become the forerunner of the IIMS metaverse, which would be named Metaviims. His party will also release 1,000 NFTs through the TiketNFT service.

Photo: TiketNFT

“This NFT concept will later become the forerunner of the IIMS metaverse which is shortened to Metaviims and we will release around 1,000 NFTs through TiketNFT,” said Hendra in his official statement.

“So entrants can do the IIMS 2022 special NFT collection combined with various exclusive rights, specifically only from TiketNFT. The NFT that you have will give you offline access to the IIMS 2022 event at JIExpo and can be exchanged for various other real world benefits,” he continued.

The Indonesia International Motor Show 2022 will provide 3 types of NFT options with different classes, namely Common, Rare, and Super Rare. Some of the benefits that buyers get can be felt through the TiketNFT platform.

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How? Are you interested in buying a special edition digital token from IIMS? If so, you can directly visit the official website here, guys.