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If Geek Fam Enters M4 Mobile Legends, Donkey Will Do This!

If Geek Fam Enters M4 Mobile Legends, Donkey Will Do This!

Geek Fam ID had to mourn his fate again after it was confirmed that he failed to advance to the Playoffs again after finishing in a distended position in the final standings of the MPL ID Season 9 regular season.

Of course, the figure in the spotlight for Geek Fam’s failure this season is Kevin “Kyosh” Tirto, who has just served as the team’s coach.

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This failure has certainly made him increasingly aggressive in preparing Geek Fam for the new MPL season that will soon arrive.

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Challenged to Enter M4

After it was confirmed that they had failed to advance to the MPL ID Playoffs, Geek Fam now has a long time to improve.

This preparation can already be seen from the Geek Fam who are ready to open up opportunities open trial for talented players who want to dive into the world pro scene.

Interestingly, Kyosh who was present with Donkey and Oura on Oura’s YouTube received a challenge from Donkey.

The GPX founder did not even spare a large amount of money if Kyosh succeeded in bringing Geek Fam to secure the M4 slot.

“If (Geek Fam) enters M4, I will give you 100 million Kyosh,” Donkey said.

This is of course quite a challenge for Kyosh, considering that Geek Fam itself has never made it to the MPL ID Playoff round.

Has he succeeded in bringing Geek Fam to the M4 Mobile Legends event? Of course, it will be interesting to wait for Kyosh’s proof with Geek Fam ID at the MPL ID Season 10 event.

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