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Ica and Indra Video Link Viral Tiktok Twitter 44 Seconds

There is so much news that is rapidly spreading on social media at this time, one of which is the news of the video of the death of a teenage girl named Annisa or called ica. this viral news spread from facebook, twitter to tiktok.

The viral video of this ica made some people curious about the figure and the video that was rumored to have circulated. The video went viral because the story behind it was very pathetic and terrible because of the behavior of his girlfriend, Indra.

Ica Viral Video and Indra

The video that was spread was because Indra’s girlfriend had the heart to kill her lover while he was drunk and overdosed. not only that, what is very sad is that ica is rotated with her boyfriend’s friends from indra.

suddenly from the story that spread, many netizens were angry and cursed the senses. they spread this news on social media quickly because they wanted the senses to be punished as severely as possible.

but not a few netizens who want to know what the contents of the video are currently busy talking about. if you want to know about the viral ica and indra tiktok videos then you can read up to our review below

Ica Tiktok Viral Link

The videos that are currently being circulated are indecent videos because when they take turns having sex, Indra and his friends record the bad behavior.

The news of the viral video ica that died until it was hunted by tiktok users and even many who used it as content to get FYP with the latest info on ica’s death. it is rumored that the video is 44 seconds long, 41 seconds and some say only 31 seconds.

From rumors, many netizens are looking for the ICA video link. so does the video exist? if we search on the internet the viral ica links on tiktok are mostly fake and only take advantage of the crowds of netizens for profit.

if you look for the video link and you are asked to log in to social media, then it is certain that the link is a fake link which could mean that your account will be hacked by the spreader of the link.

Moreover, the video is indeed inappropriate for many people to watch out of pity for the ICA victim who is currently being buried.

Netizens on tiktok and facebook also pray for the victims of ica to be accepted by their side and offer their condolences. not only that, netizens also condemned the behavior of ica’s boyfriend (indra) to be punished as severely as possible.


This is information about the viral ica video link that is currently being sought by netizens. We suggest that you don’t look for the video link anymore because it’s really hard to find and only crowded on social media.