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How to Take a Picture of a Video Footage on an Android Phone

How to Take Pictures from Videos on Android

Everyone prefers to take photos to capture their important moments. In fact, sometimes the photos do not match our expectations or the photos are not good, then the right choice is to capture important moments by recording them into a video.

Of course, capturing important moments by recording videos will be more complete than if you just take photos. In addition, you can take pictures or photos from video recordings, and of course they will be more in line with what you expect.

But, how to capture images from a video? In today’s modern era, there are many applications circulating on the Play Store that have various functions, one of which is being able to take pictures from video footage. The application is called AndroVid.

Well, for how to use it, just see the following review.

How to Take Pictures from Videos on Android Phones

Before the admin explains how, maybe in your mind a question has arisen, what about the quality of the images taken from the video? For this, the AndroVid application will adjust to the original resolution of the video you record.

So, to get good image quality, make sure the quality of the video recording is also high resolution. So, here are the steps on how to do it:

Download the AndroVid application on the Play Store and install it as usual.
Open the application, then select the video whose part you want to take as an image.
When the video starts playing, tap the icon Grab at the top.
On view Frame Grabtap the part of the video that you want to make as a photo by tapping the icon Camera in the top corner.

That way, you can already take the photo or image you want from the video. Actually, you can also take this with the Screen Shot feature found on Android. However, Screen Shot results generally cannot provide good image quality.

Well, if that was the review on how to take pictures / photos from video footage via an Android cellphone. May be useful.