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How to solve Facebook on Android can't be opened

How to solve Facebook on Android can't be opened

Have you ever experienced an unpleasant incident when you wanted to log into Facebook via an application on your Android phone? If so, don’t immediately think that your Facebook account is being hacked. The cause of the Facebook application not being able to be opened is not only because the account was hacked, it could be because the application has an error, or for other reasons.

Why Android Facebook App Can’t Be Opened?

As one of the largest social networks in the world, some people feel that something is missing if they don’t open their Facebook account all day. Besides being able to be accessed directly through a browser on a PC or cellphone, it is more practical if you use the Facebook application directly or Facebook Lite (a lighter Facebook application). However, of course it will be very annoying if suddenly your Facebook application cannot be opened.

Actually there are several reasons that make the Facebook application can not be opened. Try logging in to your Facebook first through the browser on your cellphone. If you can, then it’s probably the app that’s having a problem.

Here are some ways to solve the Facebook Android application that can’t be opened on your cellphone:

1. Clear Cache In Settings>Application Manager

It could be that your Facebook application can’t be opened because the cache has accumulated in the application. This cache is arguably the application’s garbage. Open the settings on your cellphone, then the application manager, then look for the Facebook application that you are using. On the available menu select clear cache/remove cache. Then try again to open your Facebook application.

2. Update Your Facebook Application

Before moving on to a further method, first try to check the Google Playstore page to see if your Facebook app needs updating. If yes, then try to update the application. After that, reopen the app. If it still doesn’t work, you can try the next method.

3. Do Clear Data on Applications

The Facebook application that cannot be opened can also occur because its size is too large so it takes up a lot of RAM when you operate it. Therefore, you can do it forcibly by deleting the existing data on your Facebook application. You can find this clear data option in the application manager.

The method is almost the same as how to clear cache as above, which is to open the application manager in settings, select the Facebook application, then select clear data/clear data. Keep in mind, deleting data like this means that it will delete all data on the application, especially your account. So make sure you still remember your email address and password.

4. Re-Install Facebook Application

The next method you can do besides clearing data is to uninstall your Facebook application. Then download and install it again via your Google Playstore page.

5. Use Other Facebook Apps

The last way if your Facebook application cannot be opened is to use another Facebook application. For example, if you are currently using the default Facebook application from your cellphone or the large Facebook application. You can uninstall it then download a lighter Facebook application, such as Facebook Lite and vice versa.

Well, now you know how to get around the Facebook application that can’t be opened on an Android phone. Please try and good luck.