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How to Sign Documents Online on Android

How to Sign Documents on Android

In the current pandemic conditions, various activities are now carried out completely online. This is so that we continue to follow health protocols to break the chain of spreading the corona virus.

Various activities such as meetings, lectures, to the need for signatures can now be done easily online. That way the parties involved no longer need to meet face-to-face.

Well, in this review I will discuss a tutorial on how to sign documents online via Android. Of course, this tutorial is very useful for everyone, especially for lecturers who have to carry out their obligations to sign the interests of their students.

How to Sign Documents Through an Android Phone

To sign documents online, you only need a third-party application that provides a signature creation feature. The application is called Adobe Fill & Sign which you can download via the Play Store.

Before going to the stages, you need to know that the document you want to sign must be in pdf format. So, if not then you have to convert the format to pdf first. Please read How to Convert Word files to PDF.

Here are the steps for signing documents via Android:

  • Download the Adobe Fill & Sign application on the Play Store and install it as usual.
  • Then open the application, click the icon Select a form to fill out to retrieve the document file you want to sign.
  • After that click the icon fountain pen which is in the upper right corner, then select Create Signature.
  • Write your signature neatly, if you have just click Done.
  • Then click the button again fountain pen then select the signature you have created.
  • Finally, drag your signature to the right position on your document.
  • Done, then you have signed the document. Now all you have to do is send it by clicking the share button and then choose where you want to send it, for example email, whatsapp, etc.

So, that was the tutorial on how to sign documents online via an Android smartphone. Very useful for fulfilling the importance of signing in the midst of the current pandemic.

The sophistication of the digital-based era is truly extraordinary, various needs in the real world are made easy by utilizing existing technology, including in terms of signing. May be useful.