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How to Remote / Control Android Phone Screen on Laptop

How to Control Android Screen on Laptop

If you are someone who is busy in front of a laptop, maybe you don’t have much time to hold a smartphone. So, what if there is an incoming message on your cellphone? Of course you don’t have time to read the message again.

Well, controlling (remote) an Android cellphone via a laptop will make it easier for you to do activities on an Android smartphone without holding or touching it. For example, you can read or send messages directly via a laptop, access files on your cellphone, remote cameras and other things.

Of course, it is very fitting for those of you who are often in front of the monitor. While working you can also communicate via your Android without the need to hold it.

How to Control (Control) Android Phone Screen on Laptop

Well, for those of you who are curious to know how to remote / control an Android smartphone on a laptop? Just take a look at the following tutorial.

  • Download the AirDroid application on your Android phone and install it as usual. You can download the application on the Google Play Store for free.
  • Open the application, then on the device menu you will see three menu options. There you select the menu tab AirDroid Web.
  • Then switch to the Laptop and open the browser application, you can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Then enter the URL then you will see QR Code on that web page.
  • Back on the AirDroid application on your cellphone, you tap the button Scan QR Codethen point the camera to scan the QR Code on the web page display.
  • Wait a while, then you will see the display Confirm login to Airdroid Web. Just click Sign in.
  • Now your Android phone is connected to your laptop, so you can do any activity on your Android phone through your laptop screen.

Well, it’s easy to control an Android cellphone via a PC / Laptop. That way you can do activities such as sending or deleting photos, playing music, and much more.

That’s the review this time about a tutorial on how to remotely or control an Android cellphone screen on a Laptop or PC. Hopefully useful and good luck.