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How to Register for the Shopee Affiliate Program and its Terms!

How to Register for Shopee Affiliate Program

Hola guys, I’m back with BugisTekno, this time, I want to share some interesting info, about how to register for a Shopee Affiliate Program account that is currently being loved by social media users.

For those of you who are smart at seeing opportunities, especially if you have creative souls, especially in creating video content and have great promotional skills. You will definitely be very interested in the Shopee Affiliate Program from this Shopee application which can generate rupiah coffers for you.

This Shopee program is an easy online business idea that requires no capital, except for capital to buy quota! It’s also called an ONLINE business, so this time I don’t use the internet hehe.

The program mechanism is quite easy. Simply by joining, creating your content, promoting it, then sharing the Shopee product link, then you will get a commission from Shopee.

However, of course there are certain conditions that you need to have in order for your Shopee Affiliate to be approved by Shopee.

Terms of Registering Shopee Affiliate Program

Well, as for the requirements, namely having one or more social media accounts with the following minimum requirements for followers:

  • A YouTube channel that has at least eight thousand subscribers.
  • An Instagram account must have at least two thousand followers.
  • For TikTok accounts have a minimum of five thousand followers.
  • Twitter account, must have at least ten thousand followers, and
  • For a Facebook Fanpage or Group, you must have at least a thousand followers.

And all of them must be an account that is open to the public aka an account that is not locked (private) and also the contents do not violate the rules.

How to Register for Shopee Affiliate Program

After knowing the terms, and you feel you have met the terms and conditions. So next we go to the core of this discussion, which is how to register for the Shopee Affiliate Program. Here are the steps how:

  • First, open the site. If you don’t have a Shopee account, then first create a Shopee account, How to Register / Create a Shopee Account.
  • If you already have a Shopee account, Login to your Shopee account. After that, click Enter.
  • Then, completely fill out the registration form. On this page there are three steps that you must complete.
  • After that, the rest is waiting for a decision to accept or not your cooperation program and Shopee. Shopee will conduct a review in approximately 5 working days.
  • If your request is approved, you will be contacted via the email you registered with.

How, make it easy? So, don’t forget to make sure you meet the terms and conditions first to join. So that your application process can run smoothly.

Well, that’s how to register for the Shopee Affiliate Program, I hope this article is useful and your application is accepted. Thank you (: