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How to Quickly Raise a Higgs Domino Account to Level 6

How to Quickly Raise a Higgs Domino Account to Level 6

Leveling up your Higgs Domino account to level 6 is an important thing for you to do. The reason is, it is one of the conditions so that you can open the chip delivery feature.

It’s just that raising the level of the Higgs Domino account is quite difficult, especially at levels 5 to 6, because you need a long time to play.

But don’t worry, the admin has a solution for this problem, where when your chip manages to increase from your alms capital but you can’t sell it because your account level hasn’t reached 6 yet, you can do this.

Top-up Chip Higgs Domino

Well, curious to know how? Come on, just look at the following reviews.

How to Quickly Level Up a Higgs Domino Account

You need to know that in the Higgs Domino game there is a game mode that has a minimum level requirement for us to be able to play. For example in slot games, where you have to reach a minimum of level 5 first to be able to play it.

Then, to be able to send chips to other people, you also need to reach level 6 which is a requirement to unlock the delivery feature.

Well, as for a quick way to level up your Higgs Domino account, you can see it at the following stages.

1. How to Quickly Increase Level 5 Account

The first way is to increase your Higgs Domino account to level 5. Well, at this stage you can play various game modes other than slots to get exp. Of the many types of games, to level up quickly the admin recommends you play the game mode domino or Remi.

Because both modes can give you a lot of exp level every round. In addition, if you are tired of playing, you can also try the Devil’s Card mode and then use the auto-click application so that it runs on its own to level up your account. One of the good auto click applications you use is Click Assistant which you can download on the Play Store.

2. How to Quickly Increase Account Level 5 to 6

After reaching level 5, it means you can already play the available slot modes. Well, as for how to quickly raise a level 5 to 6 account, that is by using slot mode 5 Dragons.

However, make sure you already have a spin speed application or X8 Speeder. Because to get exp level quickly, you have to speed up the spin in 5 Dragon slot mode.

Then, so that your chips are not depleted, then just place the lowest bet, which is 100k. For every 100 spins, your account exp level will increase by 1%. So, the estimated spin you need is 10 thousand spins to reach level 6.

But don’t worry, because with the X8 Speeder, the spins will finish faster. Then, for the chip issue, you don’t need to worry because the low bet 5 Dragon slot mode doesn’t drain your chips either. From admin experience, raising an account level 5 to 6 only takes about 15 minutes.

Well, if that was the explanation about how to quickly raise a Higgs Domino account to level 6. Hopefully this is useful and good luck.