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How to Play Mobile Legends on a Laptop and Keep Winning

Maybe there are still many who are curious about how to play Mobile Legends on laptops and computers. Can it ? Of course, I can. This mobile online battle arena game made by Moonton can not only be played using a smartphone. But you can also play using your laptop and computer.

If you play Mobile Legends using a laptop or computer, of course it will make it easier to record gameplay and streaming, if you are a streamer and want to make money from Mobile legends, of course you have to know this way.

It needs adaptation if you want to play Mobile Legends using a computer device. Because the placement of the buttons must be in accordance with the comfort level of the player. Moreover, the adaptation of the previously using the touchscreen and then using the keyboard.

How to Play Mobile Legends on a laptop

how to play Mobile Legends on a laptop

There are various ways to be able to play Mobile Legends using a laptop or with a TV. The point is that you want to play with other devices or just display the game play display, you can too. Here are various tools you can use.


Bluestack is an alternative way so you can install Mobile Legends on laptops and computers. This emulator has indeed many and is a recommendation for playing Android games using the best laptops.

However, to be able to play games with this emulator, the specifications of your computer must also meet the requirements. Minimum ram to be able to use the bluestack emulator smoothly and get a high and light FPS rate, of course it is highly recommended to use a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.


There is also an emulator that is still the same as Bluestack, but this option with nox player is more efficient for various games and is among the best Android emulators. Not only Mobile Legends games that you can install using this emulator, you can install all the games on the playstore and you can play them easily.

Adaptation in using the keyboard as a controller will take some time. Even when playing Mobile Legends and related to the skills of various different heroes.


Using scrypy it is not necessary to install an android emulator. By using this linux program environment, you can use it to control your smartphone from the desktop using a usb cable. So in principle, all Android screen displays will appear on the desktop screen, then you can control them with the keyboard and mouse.

Screen Cast

If you use this screen cast, you can use a wifi connection or a usb cable, or you can also use bluetooth. With these methods, you can display various Android screens on your computer screen and desktop.

For the screen cast, you can’t necessarily control it directly, but only move the display and you can see it on the desktop. So it’s easier if you want to stream and record social media content.

Install Android OS

There is a Linux distribution called Phoenix Linux, where with this operating system you can use various games and various Android applications using a laptop. This is an operating system and not an emulator, to install it you have to boot via usb or you can install it on the hard disk.


One of the emulators with quality graphics and controllers that are more responsive and lighter on computers with standard specifications. There are various kinds of games that you can download, there are even more than 1,000 games that you can play. Just download the client and install it on your Windows. Then just the settings for the game control section.

Now you just have to choose which alternative you want to use, because all of them can indeed play Mobile Legends using a laptop. If you want to be even more excited, you should use an Android OS such as Phoenix OS and use the specifications of a gaming computer.