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How to Open Blocked Sites Via Android Phone

How to Open Blocked Sites Via Android Phone

Along with the development of the internet world, now more and more sites are popping up. But of course not all sites provide a good impact for internet users.

Therefore, the government took the decision to block sites that are considered to cause negative things. Moreover, we know that internet users nowadays are not only accessed by adults, but also children who are still underage.

This causes limitations in browsing the internet, even though sometimes we also need content on blocked sites for certain purposes. But take it easy, if you need something on a blocked site, there is a way so you can access the site.

The way to open a blocked site is by using a VPN application. Before going into the tutorial, it’s a good idea to know briefly about the VPN application.

What is a VPN?

VPN is an application that can hide and manipulate the IP Address of the network you are using to become a foreign IP. That way, the cellular operator you use will not detect that you are accessing a blocked site.

There are already a lot of VPN applications available, and of course they are not only used to access blocked sites, VPNs also have many benefits for other purposes.

How to Open Blocked Sites with VPN

To open a blocked site, of course, first you need a VPN application. I recommend a good VPN application is Super VPN which you can download for free on the Play Store.

So, here’s a tutorial on how to open a blocked site via an Android phone:

  1. Download the SuperVPN application on the Play Store and install it as usual.
  2. If so, open the application then click the button Continue.
  3. Then click the menu button Connectthen wait a moment.
  4. If an ad appears, just wait and skip, if it says Disconnect, it means the VPN is active.
  5. Then exit the VPN and open the application browser or chrome then please access one of the blocked sites.
  6. Done.

That way, you can access blocked sites at will. When it’s finished, you just have to disable the VPN application by clicking the Disconnect button.