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How to Lower Power Rise of Kingdoms Quickly

People want to increase their power to enter the top alliance. But are there players who want to quickly lower their Rise of Kingdoms power? The answer is, Yes. There certainly are, and indeed many.

As an RTS or Real-time Strategy game, it is clear that players are required to be as prudent as possible in managing accounts. One of them is what we will discuss, lowering the Power of the RoK account.

how to lower the power rise of kingdoms skirt

The fact that lowering the Rise of Kingdoms account power is part of the strategy as well. This is mostly done by F2P players and Low Spenders. However, it is not uncommon for big spenders and sultans to lower their power.

The Purpose of Lowering the Power Rise of Kingdoms

There are several factors why players want to lower the power on their RoK account. Either of their own volition or at the discretion of the royal council, among others are as follows:

Want to Migrate

If you don’t know, migration in Rise of Kingdoms requires a passport. And the number of passports is determined by how much power a player has.

The higher the power, the more passports are needed. Compounded by the difficulty of getting a passport, there are only two ways: buy the “New World” bundle or use alliance coins.

The second method is more often applied by F2P and Low Spender, but it takes a very long time. Grinding every day even if the power is above 70M+ still takes a long time.

Lowering your RoK account power is a wise option, so you don’t consume too many Passport Pages. Yes, at least reduce and minimize the use of Individual Silver Coins.

Eliminating Imperial Status

The Empire Kingdom in RoK was a status that was only given to the strongest kingdom out of a total of 300 to 500 players compared to thousands of other kingdoms.

Unfortunately the Imperial Kingdom has its own shortcomings. Therefore each king has a different policy. One of them is Drop Imperium, removing the Imperium status to make it easier to accept players who want to migrate in.

KvK Matchmaking

Our Kingdom is strong, but the opponent is not, or at least weaker than our KD. That is one of the goals of the King ordering players to drop power or reduce the Power Rise of Kingdoms.

In general, the power reduction order will be issued before the KvK Matchmaking process takes place. This is one of the tricks to make it easier to fight in the Lost Kingdom Event.

Matchmaking is determined based on the total power of hundreds of players in each kingdom, then the Lilith system calculates. Generally, each Leadership or Kingdom Council has its own data regarding Bracket and Seeding in the kingdom and their potential opponents.

How to Lower Power Rise of Kingdoms

Buddy already know why players downgrade their RoK account Power. Now it’s time to discuss ways to reduce power in Rise of Kingdoms.

Filling Hospital

Hospital building serves to accommodate wounded troops (Severely Wounded Troops). Buddy can fill the hospital fully by doing a duel, or feeding with other players.

The trick is usually to attack the March of other players’ troops, but use a commander who is weaker than him. The average troop type is T5/T4 Siege aka Cart.

What should be noted, do not exceed the capacity limit of the Hospital. Because if there are troops who are injured while the Hospital is full, then the troops will automatically die. It is deeply regretted.

Reduce Commander Power

Actually this method is very less effective because it does not affect so much. But you can try it yourself, if you’re lucky, you can get a lot of power down.

That is by removing all Equipment / War equipment installed on each commander. Because installing or adding equipment increases the overall power as well.


In essence, for the most effective way to reduce Rise of Kingdoms’ power, the only method is to fill the Hospital. Because the power of buildings and technology can no longer be lowered.